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What should pay attention to when purchasing square bottom valve bag?

Views: 264     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-05      Origin: Site

First, choose a certain scale of production enterprises. Good enterprises have their own unique corporate culture and quality control methods to ensure the company's sustainable and healthy development, so as to ensure the stability of the quality of their products, and the bottom valve pocket in the production of various processes, there is a work link error will have a significant quality impact on the quality of the whole product.

Second, in the packaging and printing design, listen to more professional advice, it is best to ask professional packaging bag design staff to design, to fully combine the existing printing technology and woven bag material characteristics. Highlight their own corporate culture concept, to be concise, prominent, beautiful. Do not package printing full and disorderly. 

Third, we should design the size of bottom valve pocket according to the size of our own enterprise's tray and the packing coefficient of the loaded products. For enterprises whose products are mainly used for export, we should also pay attention to design the size of the tray and packaging bag in combination with the size of the container. It should be noted that the optimal volume coefficient of the square bottom valve pocket is 85%--95%, less than 85% will cause difficult handling valve opening closed loosely and cause leakage, higher than 95% will cause the round rolling and stacking of the bag body after filling.


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