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What are the advantages of valve bag

Views: 20     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-02      Origin: Site

First, the intensity is good. Woven bags are commonly used to seam of bottom and sealing, sewing thread when the bottom of the seal or sewing stitches will puncture, back and forth on the woven bag can produce stress effect on the woven bag, cause the decrease of strength of woven bag sewing place (only the bag body is two-thirds of the intensity) is easily broken packages, and adopting the adhesive side bottom valve pocket bottom up and down the two layers of woven cloth adhesive. It can be more than twice as strong as the woven cloth on the bag body.

Second, sealed well. Ordinary woven bag with sewing thread sewing seam of bottom and sealing, bottom or sealing sewing stitches will be back and forth on the woven bag puncture at weaving on the left a lot of holes, sewing thread not stuck on these holes, these holes will cause the leakage phenomenon, some strict in sealed bags to prevent leakage of material, not go inside the bag on a thin film lining bag, not only the cost is high, and workers in the filling operation is increasing the intensity of labor, and adopting the adhesive side bottom valve pocket upper and bottom two layers of woven cloth adhesive, fundamentally put an end to the occurrence of the leakage of material.

Third, stack well. With the development of production technology and the improvement of management level, various enterprises have strengthened the storage management. In order to reduce the difficulty of loading and unloading, most of them use pallets to carry goods. Because the body of the ordinary sewing woven bag is rounded and sharp at both ends after the material is loaded, it is easy to cause unnecessary trouble when piling high.The square bottom valve pocket is boxy after loading, neat and beautiful stacking, and can greatly improve the height of stacking and save storage space, it is the best packaging choice for goods that need to be loaded into containers for export.

Fourth, easy filling. Woven bags are mostly used for packaging, granular, powdering items, the traditional sewing woven bag material mouth is large, easy to cause dust flying in the filling, filling workshop environment deterioration, there are manual sewing sealing after filling, sewing line position changes greatly, and even some have to rework the second sealing. The valve mouth of the square bottom valve pocket is designed according to the customer's filling and discharging mouth. When filling, the discharging mouth is combined with the packaging bag valve mouth, and the dust generated during filling is difficult to float out. Moreover, the filling is completed without sealing.


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