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The effect of paper bag on color

Views: 21     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-03      Origin: Site

     In today's society, people judge whether a product is good or bad. In addition to requiring it to have a good appearance, quality is also a top priority. Therefore, quality is a key factor in product sales, and the quality of our printed products is an important factor affecting printed products. In the printing process, there are many factors that cause spot color inks to produce color difference. To ensure the quality of printed products, to show the best printing results, so as to obtain more customer recognition. So how do we choose paper to achieve our desired effect?

    Today we come to understand the effect of paper on the color of the ink layer, which is mainly reflected in three aspects:


    (1) Whiteness of paper: Papers with different whiteness (or with a certain color) have different effects on the color of the printing ink layer.

    For the same kind of white paper, the whiteness is different, and the color difference of the printing ink layer is mainly reflected in the amount of black ink in the spot color ink, especially for colors with a brightness of 70 or more. The ratios are very different. Therefore, in actual production, the paper with the same whiteness should be selected for printing in order to reduce the influence of the paper whiteness on the printing color.

   (2) Paper absorption: When the same ink is printed on different absorption paper under the same conditions, it will have different printing gloss.


   The structure of the paper determines that there are unevenness and pores formed by plant fibers on the surface of the paper. In order to obtain good uniformity and smoothness of the paper surface, it is generally necessary to apply different thickness coatings on the surface of the paper. The nature and thickness of the coating determine the ability of the paper surface to absorb the ink.

    Different absorption capacity will inevitably make the color of printing ink layer different. Compared with non-coated paper, the black ink layer will appear dull and dull, and the colored ink layer will drift. The color blended by cyan ink and magenta ink is the most obvious.

   (3) Gloss and smoothness: The gloss of printed matter depends on the gloss and smoothness of the paper. The surface of printing paper is a semi-gloss surface, especially coated paper.

    On color prints, when light hits the paper surface at an angle of incidence of 45 °, about 4% of the light will be reflected off. This is the first layer of surface reflected light. The remaining incident light passes through the ink layer, is selectively absorbed by the ink, and then reflects out through the ink layer and enters the human eye, which is perceived by the human eye. This is the color we observe.

    If the gloss and smoothness of the paper is high, the reflected light on the surface of the first layer is specularly reflected, and it is not easy to enter the human eye. At this time, the color observed is basically the color reflected through the ink layer. If the surface of the paper is rough and the gloss is low, the reflected light on the surface of the first layer will be diffusely reflected. At this time, the color we see is a mixture of the main color light and the reflected light on the surface of the first layer. Because it contains a white light component, the saturation of the main color light is reduced, so when people observe printed products, they feel that the color becomes lighter. When measured with a densitometer, the density value decreases and the brightness increases.

    The above are some small knowledge points about the influence of the paper organized by Xiao Ling Bian for everyone on color. Welcome to pick and add. If you have any needs, please call Lingke Industry, we will be happy to help you.



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