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How to design impressive packaging to enlarge your customer circles

Views: 21     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-17      Origin: Site

As we all know, the Lunar New Year is a time of bustling sales and purchase with increasing customer demand. Therefore, the design of Tet packaging is extremely important to impress customers. So how to design impressive packaging for Tet? Join us to find out!

1. Express the true nature of the brand

Creativity will never be redundant, especially when designing product packaging. However, no matter how creative you still need to keep the distinctive style of the business. Even if you want to add a holiday atmosphere to your products, keep in mind that if you want your customers to still recognize your brand's products, that change needs to be carefully considered and applied accordingly.

2. Design the same packaging as the gift box

Gifts are always an interesting element because no one does not like to be given gifts. Therefore, designing packaging for one or a set of products with a gift box is always a safe and effective solution during the holiday season. It is both interesting to consumers thanks to its beautiful appearance and helpful for them in giving away.

Tet is an occasion when the reason for purchasing products from consumers is biased toward aesthetics and gifts, so businesses should design more types of handles or containers of the product to make the product more luxurious and impressive. more statue.

Tet holiday is the time when people choose the most meaningful gifts to their loved ones or partners. Therefore, the design of packaging like a gift box will bring the most convenience to customers. This will add value to the product and make a better impression in the eyes of the customer.

3. Use vibrant colors

The packaging designed for Tet holiday of most products, especially fast-moving consumer goods often use the color of Tet holiday as red and other prominent hot colors. According to the study, red is a color that contains a lot of energy. When we see them, the heartbeat tends to increase. Especially for children's products, the more colorful the color, the more creative and interesting images the easier it is to attract the attention and choices of customers.

The colors commonly used for Tet holidays such as red, yellow, green, pink are always the preferred brands to choose to change new clothes for the product. Note about the colors for the Lunar New Year packaging must still have a certain link to the product's color identification. The creativity and change is enough for customers to find interesting, sophisticated but still realize right away it is the product of your brand.

With colorful packaging will increase the joyful atmosphere on Tet holiday and create more excitement for consumers. Not only buying, but buying as gifts also becomes more impressive.

4. Connecting to Tet feelings

Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday of Vietnamese people. If the product packaging of your business has images or designs that use elements of Tet holiday that can connect with users' emotions, surely your product will quickly sell out. Because scientists have shown that 90% of consumers' purchasing decisions are based on emotions, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to increase sales. Therefore, you need to consider the packaging design on Tet holiday to ensure the most attractive to customers. To ensure that the work goes smoothly and smoothly, you need to start the packaging design plan for the Tet holiday as soon as possible.

In order to make advertising campaigns more effective, brands also carry out new product packaging to match the atmosphere of the festival. This directly affects customers' buying sense and makes them impressed and sympathetic to the product brand.

5. Convenience for packaging

Packaging is just beautiful, not enough, to compete with other brands that your business packaging needs to be handy. The small details, however, may be a major competitive advantage for products on the shelves.

For example, the mouth of a make-up remover with a limited nozzle helps to fix the liquid flow when users pour out the product to avoid waste, tin cans after eating can be used for containers, milk powder bags or bags containing nuts have plastic fasteners after use to preserve the product to avoid mold.

So with the impressive Tet packaging design will bring high sales and help customers have the best impression on the product. Therefore need advice to get impressive packaging and quality please contact  US!


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