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Five major innovation trends in the packaging industry in the future

Views: 32     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-25      Origin: Site

Smithers Pino, a well-known research organization in the global printing and packaging industry, conducted a series of practical surveys of manufacturers, suppliers and brands in the packaging industry, summarizing the five innovation trends that the packaging industry is most likely to attract consumers in the future.


First of all, The traditional style will regain vitality

Traditional style packaging not only plays an important role in the trend, but also gives people a sense of reliability. Based on this, many brands and commodities are more likely to get consumers' attention because they know they can be trusted by the public, and packaging can just pass this key message. Some wine brands choose to use traditional design concepts to deliver reliable signals to consumers. Loyalty, simplicity and cleanliness are all important information that brand owners want to pass to their customers.


In addition, Personalized design began to prevail

At present, personalized packaging has become one of the effective tools used by brand owners to attract customers. Brand suppliers are beginning to increase their influence through the web and social media, and consumers' understanding of the term "private customization" is more profound than before. At the same time, advances in technology have made commodity creation more abundant and cheaper. The rise of personalized packaging is a good example of the vitality of the packaging industry.

Also, Packaging is emphasized

In order to be successful in the market, brand owners need to understand the potential needs of consumers. Commodity packaging can also help consumers identify specific quantifications without knowing how much they use, which makes the packaging of the goods look more "CUTE."


Whats more, Creative packaging is popular

For brand owners, the ultimate goal of a good package is to be able to win the attention of consumers in the supermarket shelf for the first time, so that they can finally buy, the so-called "love at first sight." In order to achieve this goal, brand owners must convey the uniqueness of the product when advertising.


Besides finally, technology is constantly improving

Now, technological innovation has generated tremendous momentum in the packaging industry. How should we apply these innovative technologies to specific packaging? Naturally simple design, packaging with green environmental protection concept will always win the recognition of consumers, emphasizing that functional packaging will also surprise consumers.



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