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Recycling of polypropylene woven bags

Views: 49     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-12      Origin: Site

  As environmental awareness is deeply rooted in people's minds, waste sorting is becoming more and more perfect, and the recycling and utilization of plastic bags should also be put on the agenda. We produce plastic waste all the time in our daily life. The environmental pollution caused by this plastic waste should attract our attention. Let's discuss the issue of recycling woven bags with everyone.

  Polypropylene accounts for a large proportion in the application of bagged products. The recycling of polypropylene woven bags can also reduce the production cost while protecting the environment. The recycling of woven bag products refers to such plastic waste products. These plastic waste products are recycled and processed into recycled particles, which is the source of recycled polypropylene woven bags. The main source of materials for recycled polypropylene woven bags is the recycled materials in the production process of woven bags and the secondary recycling of woven bag products (such as feed bags, food packaging bags, fertilizer bags, cement bags, etc.). Polypropylene packaging waste bags).

  The manner in which the regenerated particles are granulated is mainly divided into two types, a molten pellet method and an extrusion granulation method.

 Molten agglomeration method: mainly used for recycling scraps in the production process of woven bags, that is, recycling flat wire waste. The production process is: pp waste silk - high speed pellets - dry - discharge packaging. In this process, the pp waste wire is told to smash the filaments and chop the filaments and soften the chopped flat yarns by external heating and internal friction. At the same time, an appropriate amount of water is sprayed to help the pellets, and then dried and cooled. Packed for spare. During the discharge process, the temperature of the water sprayer and the agglomeration should be closely monitored to help the flow rate of the sprayer to strictly control the flow rate when the dough is formed, so that the flat wire can be quickly cooled and softened and quickly stirred with the rotary cutter group.

  Extrusion granulation: used for the recovery of waste. The production process is: processing waste - washing - drying - cutting into strips - extruding round strips - cooling - pelletizing - drying - packaging. In the process, the main equipment used is a two-stage extruder or a vented screw extruder. In this process, the proper temperature should be strictly controlled. If the temperature is too low, the plasticizing of pp wire drawing will be poor, and the production efficiency will be low, which may cause the filter to be broken, a large amount of air and impurities to penetrate, and the progress of the final wire drawing process is destroyed; High will result in a large amount of thermal degradation of pp wire drawing, resulting in poor wire drawing strength and poor product quality.

  The above is some of the small knowledge that polypropylene is used again in today's department. In fact, in the production and utilization of recycled materials, in order to not affect the quality of pp wire drawing, we use mixed materials and new materials for mixing. The ratio should be strictly controlled to achieve the best blend ratio. Moreover, due to differences in the melting temperature of the materials, differences in molecular mass, etc., it is best to use materials with similar parameters for mixing to prevent the quality of the finished product. Therefore, the recycling of polypropylene woven bags, not only the selection and processing requirements are demanding and strict, scientific and reasonable ratio is also the most important, in order to achieve a reasonable recycling of plastic products energy.


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